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DIY Academic Websites

Posted by CIRT WordPress Guru on
DIY Academic Websites

In this workshop we’ll show you some options for building your own academic website with the goal of developing or refining a professional online presence. This can be a site ranging from an online CV or portfolio, to a developmental space to explore digital pedagogy and scholarship, to an alternative class space online.


  • Start with WordPress.com – You can also watch how to sign up.
  • Domains vs. subdomains – i.e. IDENTITY
  • WordPress vs. Weebly (and others)
  • Being “Mobile Ready”
  • Picking a theme, adding some plugins
    • Time to get creative
    • To blog, or not to blog…
    • To sidebar, or not to sidebar…
  • Professional Elements for Faculty – Galleries, Blog, CV, Course Page, Publications
  • Functionality of your site – What if you want more —> Hosted WordPress

Image courtesy of Jim Groom at bavatuesdays.com

UNF People Examples

http://www.andyrush.net/ – Hosted WordPress