Welcome to CIRT WordPress!

Welcome to CIRT WordPress!

Welcome to CIRT WordPress. This is the first post on this site, which began life with the title “Hello World”. With a fresh installation of WordPress, you automatically get this Hello World post, and there is also a comment (further down this page is a comment from Mr. WordPress) that automatically appears. This serves as an example of what a WordPress “post” will look like.

Another part of a fresh installation is an About “page”. Go ahead. Click on that link to see it. Posts will appear in reverse chronological order on the home page. As you write more and more posts, they will be added to the home page. The latest post that you wrote will be at the top. Pages, on the other hand are separate from posts. They don’t appear in the posts “stream”. They serve as static documents on the site, which means they don’t change much. You might write posts every day, but your About page wouldn’t change very much.

This post is actually located at http://wordpressdemo.cirtunf.org/hello-world, though you may be reading this post on the home page. Again, as more posts are written on a WordPress site, they will eventually not appear on the home page. However, they will always have a permanent address, called a “permalink” where you can always see the post.

What we have done with this post is made it a “sticky” post (sometimes known as a “Featured” post), so it will always be at the top of the home page.


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  1. ReplyMr WordPress
    Hi. We've edited the original Mr. WordPress comment. You have complete control over comments on a WordPress site. Just keep in mind that if you are actively seeking people to leave comments on your site and you go changing them, they might not like it, especially if you change their original meaning. Some people may leave good comments. Some people may leave rude or vulgar comments. Such is the Internet. YOU are the moderator of your site. You have control of what is published. Try to foster good discussions by commenting yourself. Try to spell out ahead of time what you want on your site and you shouldn't have to censor comments at all.
    To delete a comment, just log in and view the post's comments. There you will have the option to edit or delete them.